2016 Toronto Winter Open

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On December 10th, we hosted the 2016 Toronto Winter Open!  It was such a huge success, registration was closed early because the maximum limit of players were reached.  A huge thank you to all who came out during the cold weather, and congratulations to the all the participants who did an amazing job!


Players participated in 5 rounds of chess in four sections: Open, Grade 12 and Under, Grade 8 and Under, and Grade 4 and Under.  The tension could be felt in the room as the competitors focused on their games.  With tactical wit and and sometimes luck, each section finished game by game, hoping to be at the top of the standings.

The Winners of each section are the following:

Grade 4 and Under section

  • First place: Daniel Odoemelam
  • Second place: Andrew Lin
  • Third place: Philip Yu

Grade 8 and Under section

  • First place: Elena Yang
  • Second place: Eric Wang
  • Third place: Henry Liu

Grade 12 and Under section

  • First place: Michael Minzak
  • Second place: Matengfei Fan
  • Third place: Jason He

Open section

  • First place: Nazareno Merlin
  • Second place: Shixiong Liu
  • Third place: Joey Orozco

Thank you to all the CITL volunteers who worked hard to organize this tournament, and to all the participants for playing well!  Hope to see you at the next Chess in the Library Tournament!