Brendan Zhang


Brendan Zhang

2016-Present Treasurer

Brendan has played chess for as long as he can remember. After attending tournaments and playing competitively throughout elementary and middle school, he decided to find new ways to get involved in the chess community. He re-started his high school’s chess club and continues to promote chess in his school as the club’s president.

During this time, he discovered Chess in the Library and found it to be a wonderful initiative that fosters growth in the chess community. Last year, Brendan ran for the junior executive position as a treasurer for CITL. This year, he takes on the position as the treasurer for the organization.

As the treasurer, he is responsible for managing the finances of CITL. His role involves keeping track of the cash flow by managing donations and expenditures. He also keeps track of and maintains the physical assets of CITL including hundreds of chess sets, chess books and awards. When a new library joins CITL, he has to make sure an adequate supply of chess sets and other equipment is provided to the branch to ensure a successful running.

Outside of chess, Brendan is deeply involved in his school’s debate and MUN clubs, as well as aiding with peer tutoring. In his free time, he enjoys playing piano, honing his chess skills, following current events, and playing video games.