CITL Alumni

Here are some of the volunteers who had been part of the CITL organizing team in the past. These people have helped to build CITL into what it is today. While they are now pursuing other goals and no longer part of CITL, here are their thoughts on their time here (not all are listed here). The profiles are listed in chronological order.




Yuanling Yuan

Founder & President, 2009­-2012

Yale University Class of 2016, Economics

CITL was my first taste of social entrepreneurship. It was an incredible experience to work with librarians, volunteers and chess enthusiasts from all over the country towards a common mission – to spread the love for chess and allow more people to reap its benefits everyday.



Michael Kleinman

Founder & Vice President, 2009­-2011

McGill University Class of 2016, Electrical Engineering

Joining CITL was a great decision I made in high school. It allowed me to connect with other energetic and motivated volunteers, while sharing one of my major passions. Seeing the fascination kids were having with chess was one of the highlights of my week, and some of the skills I gained volunteering have carried with me to this day.



Kevin Wu

Vice President, 2012­-2013 | Executive Director, 2009­-2011

University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, Class of 2017, Actuarial Science & Finance

CITL was an introduction to building a project from the ground up. It taught me how to take firm stances when solving issues within teams. As well, navigating the bureaucracy of public library systems was a valuable precursor to surviving the corporate world.



Yutong Luo

Webmaster, 2009-­2012

University of Waterloo Class of 2016, Computer Science

My role in CITL involved designing, developing, and publishing the first iterations of the website, as well as being an organizer at the Pleasant View branch. The biggest take­away for me was to put yourself in the shoes of the people you’re helping, and think about what would they want.



Vivek Chachcha

President, 2012-2013

University of British Columbia Class of 2018, Computer Science

CITL was my gateway into the world of non­-profit management. It taught me how to balance the urge to continually expand with the limited resources available to an NPO.




Aaron Zhang

Treasurer, 2011-2012

University of Pennsylvania Wharton School Class of 2016, Finance & Statistics

I learned important organization management skills during my time in CITL that were directly applicable in my college and professional life. While CITL is a student­-run organization, the kind of experiences I got from working along some of the most passionate and motivated students were extremely humbling and inspiring.



Linda Fu

Arts Director, 2011-­2012

Western University Ivey Business School Class of 2016, Economics & Political Science

I learnt that chess can bring together people from all walks of life where everyone shares the same passion for chess.  Seeing the kids’ excitement for weekly chess at the library are the nicest rewards at the end of the day.



Mike Ivanov

Treasurer, 2012-2013

University of Toronto Class of 2016, History

What really helped me from being a part of CITL is the sense of responsibility you have for the whole organization. If a treasurer doesn’t make a good budget, find ways to fundraise and work together with the other executives to organize events, he will let the whole organization down.



Stefan Laculeanu

Director of Communications, 2012-2013

York University, Schulich School of Business Class of 2017, Marketing & Strategy

CITL has served a great purpose in my student life and taught me a few valuable traits far beyond the reach of my education. Seeing the smiles on our participants’ faces after learning how to play chess is something I cannot describe with words.



Tina Feng

Outreach Coordinator, 2012-2013

University of Waterloo Class of 2018, Pure Math and Statistics

From organizing and volunteering for CITL in London, I learned how to lead a group of volunteers and how to share the love of chess with others.




Jesse Feng

Webmaster, 2012-2013

University of New Hampshire Class of 2017, Mechanical Engineering

During my time at CITL, I was the Program Manager at the very first CITL location. This helped me develop punctuality and responsibility, which are important skill sets. Also, I was one of the main designers of the basic layout of the current site. is rewarding to know that I contributed to this piece of work that countless people view everyday.



Mohit Verma

President, 2013-­2015

University of Toronto Class of 2019, Engineering Science

The most fascinating thing I learned from Chess in the Library is the power of what hard work can accomplish. The hard work that we put in CITL was seen through the smiles of participants. It always motivated me to work even harder to create an even bigger impact.


Terry Zhang

Terry Zhang

Volunteer Coordinator, 2013­-2014

Queen’s University Class of 2018, Commerce, Loran’s Scholar Recipient

The story and development of CITL opened my eyes to the process of an individual taking a passion and transforming it into a national movement that united people young and old with a shared interest for chess.



Rosie Chen

Treasurer, 2014-­2015

Western University Class of 2019, Computer Science & Ivy AEO

Joining CITL helped me understand the inner workings of a non­-profit organization and gave me an opportunity to make meaningful contributions to my community with a group of passionate and dedicated volunteers.



Sudhir Pokhrel

Head Supervisor of Brookbanks Branch, 2014-2015

Queen’s University Class of 2019, Computer Engineering – Innovation Stream

CITL helped me foster lasting relationships with fellow volunteers, strengthened my leadership and team management skills, and furthered my passion to encourage young minds to play the beautiful game of chess.



The profiles were posted on August 26, 2015, and were last updated on February 3, 2017