Jessie Li

Jessie li

Jessie Li

2013-2014 Treasurer

Born in a beautiful city of Guanzhou, China, Jessie began to play chess upon immigrating to Canada. Without many friends and things to preoccupy her time, her parents bought a vintage class chess set and would often play against her.  Though young, she was fascinated by this captivating sport and needlessly bought many other chess sets of various shapes and sizes.  Now, a senior at Victoria Park Collegiate Institute, she no longer plays chess leisurely, or competitively.  However, she will never forget the joy she derived as she schemed the best way to take an opponent’s Queen, or even better, checkmate.

As the Treasurer of Chess in the Library, Jessie strives to ensure that individuals from all walks of life who are interested in CITL will have the opportunity to partake and enjoy the numerous activities the program offers.  In addition, her job is to ensure that the program be given the proper tools and sturdy foundation to grow and further expand in future years, to become an even better organization than it is today.

Apart from CITL, Jessie enjoys playing the piano, violin, swimming, painting, and skating.  She spends her free time watching dozens and dozens of Youtube videos to preoccupy her time, and is thinking of perhaps reigniting her love of chess after graduating from high school.