Ming Chan Zhang

Ming Chan 2015

2014-2016 Volunteer Coordinator

Ming Chan joined Chess in the Library after being encouraged to apply for a position as junior executive by Mohit Verma, the former President, around October 2013. Figuring that it would be a great opportunity, he decided to apply and was accepted. After working as a junior executive for a year, Ming Chan successfully ran for the volunteer coordinator in 2014. He ran again for the same position in 2015 and is now serving his second year as the volunteer coordinator for Chess in the Library.

As the volunteer coordinator, Ming Chan is responsible for handling volunteer applications, instructing and directing successful applicants and volunteers throughout the application process, signing volunteer hours, and maintaining a steady flow of volunteers through recruitment.

Ming Chan first learned chess in grade one, when he was put in an after school program where he learned to play chess. Although he stopped playing in grade four, he still remembers how to play, and is quite enthusiastic to return back to his skill in chess he had in his younger years. Compared to his extremely rocky start on the first day playing chess, Ming Chan has improved quite a bit, but still aims to return back to his “former glory” back in his days in grade one.

Ming Chan is currently a Grade 12 student, part of the IB program at Victoria Park CI. His favourite subjects would be math, biology, and music. Ming Chan absolutely adores music, being able to play the double bass, flute, and piano. In Grade 11, he was even a member of a barbershop quartet. This year, he is the president of the Victoria Park C.I. music council. In his spare time, Ming Chan enjoys playing video games, playing piano, watching videos on YouTube, and surfing the web for news.