Rebecca Zhang

Rebecca Zhang 2015

2015-2016 Treasurer

Rebecca had known how to play chess since she was a kid. After taking further chess lessons in high school, she dramatically improved her gameplay. During this time, she was introduced to Chess in the Library and decided to volunteer her time to help run the program. Last year, she ran for the junior executive position as a treasurer for CITL. This year, she takes on the position as the treasurer for the organization.

As the treasurer, she is responsible for managing the finances of CITL. Her role involves keeping track of cash inflows in the form of donations and expenditures on chess-related outlays. She must also keep track of and maintain the physical assets of CITL including hundreds of chess sets along with chess books and trophies. When a new library join CITL, she has to make sure an adequate supply of chess sets could be provided to the library to start the program.

Outside of chess, she is an avid member of the music council at her school. In the summer of 2015, she is participating in a SHAD program to meet new people and learn new skills.