Yi Ling Wu

Yi Ling Wu 2015

2015-2016 Vice President

Yi Ling joined the Chess in the Library family in summer 2013 as a volunteer after being encouraged by several of her friends who volunteered weekly at Bridlewood library. Once she discovered her passion for this organization and the game of chess, she applied for junior executive vice-president and was accepted. In the past year, she worked under former vice-president Jeffrey Li, consistently assisting him with his responsibilities. She was also was in charge of updating  CITL’s blog and Facebook page. This year she ran for the position of vice-president while Jeffrey becomes president for CITL.

Yi Ling does not remember when or how she learned the game of chess. When she first started to volunteer two years ago, she only knew how each of the pieces moved. Although she played Chinese chess and Go as a child, chess was new to her. She consistently lost her games initially, but as she developed her own strategies and learned from observing others play, she improved significantly.

Yi Ling is currently a Grade 12 IB student at Victoria Park C.I. Apart from Chess in the Library, Yi Ling also participates in a wide range of extracurricular activities. She is a member of to several musical ensembles: a violinist in the Strings Orchestra, a soprano in the Chamber Choir, and a flute player in the Symphonic Band. Her passion in music lead her to join the school’s music council.

She enjoys swimming, and has been on her school’s swim team for the past two years. She is also the manager for the Water Polo team that took home the gold in the past year.

In her spare time, Yi Ling loves to chat with friends and catch up on sleep.