Zelin Liu

Zelin Liu 2015

2013-2016 Webmaster

After graduating from the IB programme in high school, Zelin decided to remain as the webmaster for Chess in the Library. Although he was involved with numerous extracurricular activities in high school,  he continued his role at CITL after transitioning to university as he felt connected to the organization and the people in it.

Zelin has played chess since his childhood. During his second year of high school, the founders of CITL persuaded him to join the team and he has been a part of CITL ever since. After moving to university, he no longer volunteers at his local branch. However, he still visits his local branch when he is in Toronto and fulfills his role as webmaster remotely.

Regarding his goals for the website, he hopes to garner more web development skills related to php and HTML5 and start undertaking a re-coding of the website in the next two years. In the meantime, he is responsible for updating and maintaining the site on a regular basis.