Jessica Cao (2012-2013)

Media Coordinator: Jessica Cao

Outreach Coordinator
CITL 2012-2013 Outreach Coordinator

Jessica first heard about Chess in the Library at a student seminar in 2012.  She was inspired by this opportunity to help cultivate and foster new Canadian chess players.  Jessica sees a huge potential in Chess in the Library to expand, bringing chess to more youth than ever.  As Media Coordinator, Jessica manages the presence of Chess in the Library on social media, including Facebook.

Outside the library, Jessica is also the Chief Financial Officer of Glowstik, a social media marketing company.  She holds a firm belief in using social media to inform, to attract and to interact with others, especially youth.  Jessica looks forward to being a part of CITL in the upcoming year.

When not at CITL, you can find Jessica practicing for DECA, surfing Wikipedia or singing shamelessly out of tune.   Jessica is still quite a beginner at chess, but is nonetheless eager to learn.   She is still looking for a chess tutor.  Anyone willing to offer Jessica free lessons should go let her know.