Kevin Wu

Vice President: Kevin Wu

Kevin Wu
CITL 2012-2013 Vice President

Kevin Wu first joined Chess In the Library at its founding in August 2009. He has jumped from branch to branch within the system, including a stint as Executive Director on the first CITL council. Introduced to chess at the age of 9, Kevin started serious study and tournament play in middle school. He is an accomplished chess player, having placed 5th at the national U16 championships and represented Canada in international tournament play. He views CITL as an opportunity to bring more young chessplayers into the Canadian youth chess environment – to foster the competitors and champions of the future.

As Vice President, he manages all executive meeting dates, oversees completion of planned tasks, and constructs most written documents required by the program.

Outside of chess and CITL, Kevin’s interests include mathematics, track and field, tennis, and reading manga.