Mike Ivanov

Treasurer: Mike Ivanov

CITL 2012-2013 Treasurer

Mike Ivanov has been involved in the CITL program since 2010 when he accidentally discovered it while surfing the web. He’s been playing chess ever since he was 4 and took up teaching chess when he needed financial support for his playing career.

Chess to Mike is “a competitive art with each player trying to draw a better picture than the other”. While still competing in tournaments, teaching chess became a huge part of his life, having taught almost every single day of the last one and a half years. He is now determined to do his best to help CITL, through finding sponsors and donors for the program. Mike believes that in order for chess to be taken seriously in Canada, it needs to be familiarized with all ages of Canadian citizens. Only then would chess be regarded as a respected past time for people of all ages, races, and social classes.

CITL is a major step towards this goal and for this reason Mike hopes he can do a good job as CITL’s treasurer and can’t wait to see CITL prosper!