Stefan Laculeanu

Director of Communications: Stefan Laculeanu

Director of Communications
CITL 2012-2013 Director of Communications

Hello everyone! I am your 2012-2013 Director of Communications and am proud to be working with such a wonderful team and group of volunteers this year. Although I do not know many of you, my intentions are to keep in touch as much as possible in order for us to work more effectively together.

As your Director of Communications and I am responsible for your regular attendance to the respective libraries. Although I am the least experienced member in the board, my continuous efforts and dedication to this program have contributed and helped me get where I am today. Chess in the Library was a way for me to not only play chess after so many years, but get to know, meet and help new people who might not have had the opportunity nor financial stabilities to play chess. In addition, besides volunteering at Malvern and Bridlewood Library, I am the leader of a ping pong club, and a member of many sports teams and clubs at Victoria Park C.I.