Tina Feng

Outreach Coordinator: Tina Fang

Media Coordinator
CITL 2012-2013 Media Coordinator

Tina was enthralled by the sixty-four squares and thirty-two pieces ever since she learned about the rules of chess. She has played countless chess games since then, including many in tournaments. In November 2011, she represented Canada at the World Youth Chess Championships in Brazil.

After meeting talented young players across Canada and the world, her passion for chess has heightened. She was inspired to promote the game she loves, so that many others will be able to enjoy the game like she does. Joining Chess in the Library, she found herself in a perfect place to promote chess, literally! She started a chapter of Chess in the Library in London, and found her volunteer experience at the library very rewarding. In fact, so much so that she decided to dedicate more of her time to CITL as an executive member. ultimately, it is her passion for chess that told her to join CITL to provide opportunities for more people to play the game. Because sometimes, as in Tina’s case, just the introduction to chess is enough for someone to fall in love with the game and never look back.