Vivek Chachcha

President: Vivek Chachcha

CITL 2012-2013 President

Vivek Chachcha’s passion for chess started at a young age but was neglected until 2 years ago when he rediscovered it while playing Chess Titans due to the lack of internet access. He now plays chess recreationally and won the 2012 Ontario High School Chess Championship. Although Vivek initially got involved with CITL in order to continue playing casual chess, his passion for the game compelled him to take a more active role in the organization and run for the position of Director of Communications during last year’s elections. His innovative initiatives and strong dedication to the cause of the organization then led to his election as President in the summer of 2012.

As President, Vivek is the primary leader and spokesperson for Chess In The Library. He sets the agenda and chairs all CITL Executive meetings. He is also responsible for expanding the organization structurally, physically, and financially.

Outside of chess, Vivek is involved in various non-profit organizations, such as Youth Action Network (YAN), and is a committed leader in his school via his positions as Environmental Rep. on the Student Leadership Council and as Webmaster of the Panther Press.