KaiYuan Chi

CITL Bio 2

2017-2018 Treasurer

KaiYuan joined Chess in the Library in 2017. At school, she was absolutely drawn into the chess community after going to chess clubs and tournaments. She wanted more people to enjoy chess just like how she did. Most importantly, she wants everyone to enjoy chess despite who they are.

She heard about Chess in the Library from many of her friends at school. Although KaiYuan was not a competitive chess player, she believes that her passion and uniqueness can help build and maintain a place where everyone can participate in chess games. She applied to become the junior treasurer in her eleventh grade and she learned a lot from her experience. This year, she decided to run for the senior treasurer in the executive team, hoping to bring more ideas to the team.

Being treasurer means a lot to her and to the whole Chess in the Library team. She is responsible for the financial and physical assets of CITL. At the same time, KaiYuan organizes the donations and purchases for festivals and tournaments. She will always make sure the there are enough chess sets for the next tournament, and that CITL will go towards a positive direction.

Outside of chess, KaiYuan loves music. During her spare time, she loves playing the piano and she is also an experienced percussionist.  KaiYuan is right now in her senior year in the IB program at Victoria Park CI and she is hoping to travel and taste all kinds of food when she graduates from high school.