Kristen Li


Kristen Li

2016-present President

Kristen first fell in love with chess at the age 6 when she joined her school chess club. Throughout elementary school and high school, she played competitively in school tournaments, CFC tournaments and international tournaments.

Kristen first heard about Chess in the Library (CITL) when she started taking chess lessons from Yuanling Yuan, the founder and former President of CITL. Kristen started volunteering at Bridlewood library in 2013 and later moved to the Fairview library. From 2014 to 2016, she served as Junior President of CITL.

As President, Kristen is CITL’s primary spokesperson. She is responsible for organizing all CITL events and managing the organization as a whole. She is also in charge of starting CITL programs in new locations. In the upcoming year, her aim is to make CITL tournaments CFC-rated and expand CITL to more branches in Toronto.

Kristen is currently a Grade 12 student in the French Immersion and AP programs at Senator O’Connor College School. Although she has stopped competing in formal tournaments, she continues to play chess every week at the Scarborough Chess Club.

Outside of chess, Kristen is an accomplished classical singer and enjoys traveling, volunteering, and watching sports. She plans to attend the University of Toronto and later pursue a career in health sciences.