About Us

Chess in the Library is a student volunteer-run program.

Our mission is to promote chess across Canada. Chess is an excellent game that encourages critical thinking and logical analysis. Many people know the rules of chess but never had the opportunity to play a real game.

As our name implies, Chess in the Library supports chess in public libraries. Members gather each week to play causal and blitz chess games. Players of all ages and strengths are welcome to come and play, although there may be some age limitations at certain libraries.  Chess sets and space are provided at each session. Our program has always been and will be free in the future. We want to provide value and service to our local communities.


Program Length

The CITL program usually runs for 1.5-2.5 hours per week, varying from location to location. Our volunteers set up, manage, and clean up for each session. To see which libraries are currently offering our program and the specific times, please use our program locator.


Program Organizers

At each CITL location, there is usually a minimum of 3 volunteers and a maximum of 5 volunteers. There is also at least one staff member from the public library acting as a liaison.

Our program appreciates any support from you. Opinions, suggestions, and donations are all welcome!

If you’re a student who wishes to become part of the organization team, please apply to join CITL as a volunteer here. If you would like to make a donation to support our cause, please email us at sponsors@chessinthelibrary.com.