Sophie Wang


Sophie Wang

2016-2017 Volunteer Coordinator

Sophie has always been an avid chess player since she unintentionally discovered the game at an after-school chess program in third grade. From the first day, she was subject to the gender stereotype that girls can’t play chess. Sophie strongly opposes this stereotype. On the contrary, she believes that people of all genders, ages, backgrounds, or just identities in general, can play chess as well as anyone else. Sophie looks up to and is inspired by Judit Polgár, who is considered to be the strongest female chess player of all time and competes against male players at the top level.

When she heard about the Chess in the Library program in eighth grade, Sophie thought it was a brilliant idea and the perfect platform for her to help promote the game of chess. On her second year of volunteering, Sophie applied for and gained the position of Junior Volunteer Coordinator. A year later, she ran for the same role in the Executive Council.

Today she serves as the Volunteer Coordinator of CITL, where her responsibilities include recruiting volunteers, managing volunteer questions and hours, contacting libraries and promoting CITL, and helping to organize tournaments.

Even now, Sophie is passionate about chess. She is a member and leader of her school’s chess team, she runs a weekly club at a local nursing home, and she occasionally participates in CFC rated tournaments. Sophie is currently enrolled in the IB program at Victoria Park Collegiate Institute. Between piles of homework, piano practice, school clubs, and various volunteer activities, she finds time to complete objectives in Black Ops 2 or watch sci-fi films with friends.